Monty's Year at Gobabeb Training and Research Centre, Namibia


During the course of the coming year readers of my blog will undoubtedly see references to one of the greatest traditions alive in southern Africa today – “sundowners!”  At it’s core, a sundowner implies 3 things – a view of the western horizon, a cold drink, and friends.  In Namibia, these things have been easy to come by!

More than an excuse to enjoy a beer or a coke at the end of a hot day (although it is also that!), a sundowner is time for reflection.  Seeing the sun melt and descend below the horizon highlights the passage of time in an intensely tangible way that few other things can.  Before your eyes, another day ends, never to be repeated.  While a sundowner can illuminate the sacred nature of the present, a good sundowner also serves to inspire the future.  No matter who you’re with, it seems the the last moments of a day are usually shared in awed silence.

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Although open-container laws are probably more strictly enforced in America than here, you should find a view of the horizon and try this one at home!


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