Monty's Year at Gobabeb Training and Research Centre, Namibia

June 16th

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but the Kuiseb River is still flowing.  As of today, the water has flowed 9x the average of ~2 weeks and 6 weeks longer than the previous record.

I went on an awesome barefoot run upriver yesterday – the water is mostly mid-shin depth now with only occasional patches of quicksand – a tough workout all around.  Living with the Kuiseb has totally changed my perception of “a river.”  Now that rains have long stopped, I keep asking myself where the water is coming from.  I don’t think I’ve ever wondered that about a normal perennial river before…

While the intense heat of February to April has dissipated, winter has arrived in force.  Days have been sunny, dry (try 3% humidity on for size!), and basically perfect, but night time temperatures sometimes dip down to 40 degrees F.  Last night there was a total lunar eclipse.  The progression of a brilliantly bright desert moon into a blood red orb framed by the milky way and back into a full moon will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Enjoying a week of leave (hence time for this quick update…), but only a month to go until I will have to leave Gobabeb.  Then three weeks of traveling with my brother and mom, and then ??

My third quarterly report was recently published on the Grinnell College Website – check it out.  I also (finally) updated my Flickr as well.


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